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R.I.P ronaldonater1 + Discussing my false termination.



Please spread the word!

I might quit roblox if I don't get my account back.

My Statement:
I really didn't do anything wrong. I just copied an uncopylocked game and got deleted. If I wasn't supposed to copy that game why not just give me a warning and remove the game. This would have never happened if Roblox would just update their security. Terminate the guy who stole those places except us robloxians who just was given the place due to your OWN FEATURE! This is why roblox's administrator team has a bad reputation at some points. Also roblox is my life im just a 12 year old playing roblox all day so basically my life is ruined. Also, isn't the point of roblox to have fun? Why won't you let your community have fun plus I did not make profit off of the games. Ik pretty sad in 2 ways. Please spread the word and get me and all the other robloxians who suffered from this unban! For our rights!